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Everyone wants to feel AT home IN their home, right ?  Can you kick
your shoes off and relax when you get home? Do you feel comfortable inviting guests in? Your kids want to have friends over. Your grandchildren want to visit you. You may want to age in place
safely in your forever home. 

We want to help you make your home your sanctuary!
  1. Decluttering
    If you look at a chaotic room and think "I don't know where to start!"? You are not alone. We help by assessing the mess, and find the starting point based on your frustrations, vision, goals and how the space should function. We work with you one on one to help you make the tough decisions.
  2. Organizing Systems
    Once you are organized you need a system or process to keep the clutter from building up again and again. We teach you organizational skills and outline the systems to maintain your space. Examples: chore list, family communication center, laundry schedule, mail processing, bill payment, filing system.
  3. Downsizing
    As the years role by we accumulate or inherit family items, furniture, memorabilia, photos, etc. When the time comes to move to a smaller residence, age in place safely, or as an emptynester you want to convert a room for your hobby, we have the skills to help decide what to keep and what to release, how to get rid of stuff, and work out a space plan.
  4. Packing/Unpacking
    We know moving is stressful.!!! That is why we LOVE helping you get organized on the first day in your new house or apartment. Whether it is a senior downsizing to more, an semester in a college dorm room, or a corporate relocation we are here to help ease your stress.
  5. Closet Redesign
    There is nothing more frustrating in a home than a poorly designed closet. It will affect your mood daily. But you can make a change. First we figure if the problem is the organization or the design. Then we determine if we can fix it or do we need to start from scratch. Most often after we purge, rearrange and added a few organizational products the problem is solved.
  6. DIY Consultation
    Do you think with a little guidance you can do it on your own? Great! We are happy to share our expert advice with you are de-cluttering and redesigning a space. Let's talk about your needs: productivity, room to move, more storage, converting a space.
  7. Speaker
    Our owner has quite an inspirational story to tell, in addition to her organizing expertise. She always says, "Observation is my superpower". She has also overcome much to be where she is today. Whether you need a testimonial-type, feel good motivational talk or a keynote speaker for organizing or productivity, let her story telling move you to action.
  8. Author
    The book, Restore Order Restore Joy, was divinely inspired much like Dorothy Clear's vocation for becoming a professional organizer. Three years into her new career, she noticed how many of her clients were in grief, or were in grief when their clutter just accumulated around them. Dorothy was sharing her own story of grief and the road it took her down with her clients. It seemed like a nature progression to write it all down in a book.