I am not an extraordinary person. Actually, I am quite average by most standards.

What sets me apart from others is my passion, and perseverance; my survival instincts and compassion; my life experiences, thirst for adventure and lack of fear in being transparent to help my fellow human race.

You don't have to feel stuck in your own life! Let me tell you how to break free of the obstacles in your way to being the person you dream of being some day.

Through this book, I hope to encourage readers who have accumulated clutter due to a loss or transition to sort through their belongings, feelings, and lives to find their joy again.                                                                                  - Dorothy                                                        

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Here is what people are saying...

Dorothy The Organizer Breininger
Expert, Emmy Nominated TV Show, Hoarders

"Personal, poignant, and particularly helpful for those facing loss and grief. Thank you for caring about us!"  

Sue Ayers

 "I read this book in one sitting. I admire Dorothy's honesty and appreciate her sharing her personal story. Grief does manifest in many forms and people react differently. I personally have been grieving after my daughter's diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and ensuing emotional issues. My grief manifested in irrational shopping which meant a lot of unnecessary clutter. Grief makes it tough to get up and go. But Dorothy's book provided small steps like writing down three goals. Even I can manage that :). If you've suffered a loss and need motivation to get your life back on track, this book is for you."
Helen Kissick
Free Spirit Consulting
Feb. 9, 2018

Dorothy was the presenter at this morning’s Beaver County Chamber of Commerce meeting. It became quickly evident how well prepared she: easily managing to engage the audience in asking thought provoking questions, and eloquently moving through her topic of why people have difficulties in de-cluttering, and what can be done to make positive progress. Sprinkled throughout were real life examples from her work with clients. Thanks Dorothy for a great start to the day!
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Dr. Peter Birchler
The Chiropractic Health Center
Beaver Falls, PA

"This book is a combination of a personal journey, pragmatic information on organization, and an overview of root causes involved in disorder, disorganization, hoarding, etc.
          The personal information is easy to relate to.
          The insight into WHY many people end up with unresolved, emotionally painful clutter in their lives is helpful for those who may be self-assessing their situation. But it also may bring understanding and compassion for those who frustrate you with their disorganization, because you can see the pain, grief, and emotional loss or physical loss behind it.
          The steps for organizational help which are provided are useful and pragmatic. Even so, it is easy to see that many people will still need a confidant and professional help to deal well with their situation effectively.
Joanne Jamis Cain
Wedding and Special Event Coordinator, Blogger, Author
January 28, 2019

 I heard Dorothy Clear speak recently at Consignment Cottage and she was informative, personable, and gave so many great tips. I recommend her not only as an organizer, but also as a speaker to any group or organization.
Nacho Eguiarte
Professional Organizer
Zapopan, Jalisco

"Let the feelings flow and process them, so you can process the mess in your space.
          If you have trouble letting go of stuff and processing feelings about the loss of someone loved, you may find this book very insightful. Dorothy uses her own experiences in life to unveil the grief and the sorrow behind some kinds of clutter and disorganization. Reading this book will teach you how to allow your feelings to flow in a healthy manner ,letting you  address that stuff that’s blocking you from having a simple and joyful life. Use her experiences to  successfully get things in your control again."